JUSTIN LACY | Discography
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Control Burn 2017
Justin Lacy


“Where melody and a rainbow of sounds meet eccentricity.”
The StarNews | View Article

“Far from typical.”
Paste MagazineView Article

“A unique blend of sweet melodies and subtle bursts of joy.”
Indie BuddieView Article

This One’s For Tina 2013
Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine


“With a propensity to utilize the most interesting musicality,
the Swimming Machine spares no expense on the EP.”
Encore Magazine | View Article

When U Gonna Luv Somebody 2010
Charlie the Horse


“It’s a dynamic, flexible and potent ensemble, whether they’re performing arrangements that are stripped-down and acoustic (“Hey Girl”) or rocked-out and propulsive (“Hey Boy”). They use whatever instruments they can get their hands on (kazoo, concertina, autoharp) as well as more traditional instruments, and the result is a band that can be a “normal” rock band or one that’s a bit more wacky, sometimes simultaneously. That’s called range, and Charlie the Horse has got it.”
Star News | View Article


Slow Dance 2016
Slow Dance


“Often haunting, a bit quirky, and all-out emotional.”
Encore Magazine | View Article

The EP is a marriage of poetry and music, spare music that can be prickly, wistful and invasive if listened to quietly
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Overgrown 2012
Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine


“With a massive presence and cacophonous yet focused sound, The Swimming Machine has burst upon the scene with a stellar debut that ranges from carnival-esque madness to gypsy folk punk at the drop of a dime.”

The Bottom String | View Article

Overgrown frolics and bows, flits and exaggerates, whispers and screams. It’s attention-grabbing, haunting, beautiful, frightening and fully encompassing in poetic rise and fall. It comes with sweat, blood and tears pored over every note, every break, every chord, every intro, every outro and everything between.
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