JUSTIN LACY | Happy Birthday, Brittny Roller
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Happy Birthday, Brittny Roller

Today is Brittny (a.k.a Rox) Roller’s birthday, and I can’t imagine a better day to thank her for designing and developing www.JustinLacyMusic.com
Brittny is a graphic designer, but she also throws pottery and draws comics. Her work is palpable – she makes things you can see and touch. I make music, an intangible medium that, unless recorded, can be ephemeral, drifting off somewhere up in the ether.
But over the past four years, Brittny helped ground my music in the visual realm, giving the Swimming Machine and me a more perceptible identity through countless hours of editing photos and designing posters, show fliers, album art, logos, business cards, stickers, and all kinds of various Internet propaganda.
Every musician needs visuals to promote their art, and if it’s done right, the audience doesn’t even notice. All that iconography gets wound up into the brand and identity of the artist, as if it’s always been there. It’s behind-the-scenes work, and in a lot of ways, it’s sort of thankless work.
So, happy birthday, Rox Roller. And let me take this opportunity to thank you for making my aural efforts visible.
Below is a gallery of some of the best work Brittny’s done for the Swimming Machine, including the 16 x 24” poster she illustrated for us (available in the store), and the Overgrown album cover she designed for CD and vinyl (also available in the store, wink wink).
View Brittny’s portfolio of web work, design work, and art work at www.RoxRoller.com



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